The Italian cuisine is popular for using seafood as main ingredients among other ingredients that are not so popular. The most appreciated Italian recipe that can be done in only 30 minutes is seafood linguine, and if you haven�t tried it out yet, dinner after work would be the perfect occasion as the amount of calories is reduced. Furthermore, most of the Italian dishes are very easy to cook, so you don�t have to be worried about failing.

You came home from work today and your husband just told you that he invited a few of your friends over and your fridge is empty. Don�t panic, just run over the supermarket next to your home and buy some shrimps, scallops and mushrooms and than run back home and start mixing up the ingredients, in less than half an hour a dinner for six will be ready to serve next to a bottle of white wine to go with. Besides the appetizing aspect and smell, your guests will really be impressed by the amazing taste of the dish. This way you saved a lot of time and made a good impression to your visitors due to the fact that most people appreciate quality rather than quantity when it comes to food.

Another useful piece of advice would be to search the internet for different recipes, not only from Italian cuisine as seafood could be included in many other dishes from different parts of the world. You can get some �take 5� recipes ideas from, a dedicated site to healthy seafood that can easily be included in your daily diet. If yesterday you were thinking to go buy some fast food for lunch at work, now you may reconsider that tough, you don�t want to get fat now, do you? A better idea to quenching your hunger is a fast made seafood linguine, and it surely tastes much better than a burger.

On the other hand, there are people who don�t like seafood, so there is no middle category, you either like it or hate it. Wild salmon along side with calamari, shrimps and other seafood can be incorporated in many tasteful dishes, but only for those who appreciate them. Even though they have a lot of benefic effects on the human organism and health, not everyone can make them an everyday meal. 

Besides seafood linguine recipes, offer you a wide range of faster made recipes in the �take 5� recipes, which stands for 5 ingredients in 5 minutes. Among these recipes you can find wild salmon stake, tuna salad and many other tasteful recipes to satisfy your preferences and needs. Weather you want to surprise your date with something new or you just want to spoil yourself without worry about gaining extra pounds, 5 minutes recipes are the perfect choice for any occasion.

To draw a conclusion, a healthier lifestyle means healthier food, but not necessary long hours of cooking. The used ingredients make the difference rather the time spent cooking them, so start including seafood, wild salmon and tuna in your diet and beneficial changes won�t delay occurring.