Beef stew is a flavorful dish with beef and other vegetables. There are many ways you can make beef stew and to make the best beef stew recipe you should use fresh vegetables and meat.

1. Best Beef Stew Recipe (Home Style Way )- This is a delicious recipe that has several shanks of beef. It has several vegetables as well. If there are no beef shanks available then you can use a pound of a meaty beef. You should also ask the butcher if they have shanks. The ingredients for this recipe include two shanks of beef, three cups of broth for beef; one can of onion soup, four cups of water, three fourth cup of chopped celery, one half cup of minced onion and two diced medium carrots. You will also need three potatoes with red skins. It should be peeled and cut into pieces about a half inch each. Other ingredients include one half cup of corn kernels, one half cup of lima beans, one half teaspoon of salt, one half teaspoon of Creole, one fourth teaspoon of pepper, one turnip diced and four tablespoons of flour that should be mixed with water.

Cooking Procedure:

In one pot put the shanks, onion soup, water, broth, onion and celery. Make it simmer and leave the cover off for ten minutes. Cook it for one hour over low fire. Then add the turnip, potatoes and carrots and cook it for twenty minutes. Take out the beef and slice it to pieces and remove the bones as well as the excess fat. Put it back on the pot and then add the beans, corn and other seasonings. Cover it and let it cook for forty five minutes then after forty five minutes check if the beans are already tender. Put the flour mixture into the stew then stir it for twenty more minutes until the stew becomes thick. Add more seasonings for taste. This home style best beef stew recipe can be served for four to six persons.

2. Best Beef Stew Curried Style - This is the best beef stew recipe with curry powder and some ginger. The ingredients for this recipe include one pound of beef that should be cubed, one third cups of flour, one teaspoon of powder for curry, one half teaspoon of ginger, one half teaspoon of powdered onion, one half teaspoon of salt, pepper, two tablespoons of oil, two ribs, one onion, three cups of broth, one small sweet potato cubed, two chopped carrots, two potatoes cubed, one half cup of Lima beans, one can of tomato juice.

Cooking Procedure:

In one plastic bag put the beef, curry powder, flour, onion, salt, ginger and pepper. Then let it stand while you put oil in a pan and heat it. Add the onions and celery and fry it until it becomes tender. Put the beef and stir it well. Then continue mixing it until the beef turns brown. Add the broth and let it simmer for thirty minutes. Then add the carrots, potato and beans. Then cover it for thirty minutes and then put the tomatoes. Put the lid and let it simmer for ten minutes more.

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