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1st recipe: Tuna Sandwich Recipe


6 small cans Tuna.

6 Big Spoonfuls of Mayonnaise, preferably fat free

1 apple, cut into small dices (this is optional)

2/3 cup of grapes, halved (this is optional)

1/2 c. of nut (this is optional)

2 tbsps of sour cream, fat free preferably

2 tbsps of mustard Sandwich slices


1. Start with a smile for a better sandwich

2. Mix Tuna, Mayo, sour cream, mustard and the optional apple and grapes

3. Display on each slice of sandwich and top with another slice.

4. Serve with a smile

As you can see, it's so simple and easy to prepare. Just follow the steps and make everyone happy at home, at your office and at your picnic.

Another amazing Tuna Recipe is : Bill Clinton's Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe


2 tsps of mustard

2 cans of tuna, drain well

2 tbsps mayo

2 eggs, boiled and diced

1 tsp of salt

2 tsps  of fine onion chops

8 slices of Sandwich

2 tbsps fine celery chops

2 tomatoes, cut into slices

2 tsps pickle relish

4  lettuce leaves

2 tsps of Mustard of Dijon


1. Always start with a big smile for a better tuna sandwich.

2. Use a fork to mix all ingredients except tomato, lettuce and sandwich slices.

3. Display the tuna mixture over a slice of sandwich and top with tomato slices, lettuce leaves and cover with another slice of sandwich.

4. For a tasty tuna sandwich, grill your sandwich before garnishing.

5. Always serve with a smile.

Serve: 4 persons

Hope you enjoy your sandwich!

Bon app├ętit !