Chicken is the most versatile meat found all over the world. So it becomes quite necessary to know the basics about handling of chicken and their storage.

I tried to mention here certain points from the web to just make things easier especially for beginners.

For better safety you need to be sure that chicken is properly handled and stored. The bacteria which are there on its surface are not visible to us and if consumed like that they can cause many foodborne diseases.

Let me discuss here points to handle chicken:

  1. Clean them properly: It is always better to wash your hands before starting the cleaning process of chicken. The chopping board, utensils must be cleaned well with a dish bar. Keep them away from other food items in the kitchen as it may otherwise lead to unnecessary transmission of bacteria

  2. Do not ever use the same utensils and cutting boards for the raw chicken and cooked chicken as unnecessary any left out bacteria may contaminate your cooked chicken dish.

  3. How to handle it: Once you purchase the raw chicken from the store keep in mind that it should be consumed within short time period. As exposing them to unsafe temperatures for a longer time may unnecessarily turn them into a waste? Always keep them in the plastic bag so that it doesn't contaminate other food products in the freezer.

  4. During summers it should be taken home in an air conditioned vehicle hence letting it remain fresh during the travel time.

  5. Cooking chicken needs some bit of patience. Make sure that it is cooked completely hence killing all the bacteria without leaving any scope for any food poisoning. You need to actually use a meat thermometer just to check its internal temperature. It should be 170°F in breast area and 175°F in the thigh area. Accordingly you can judge whether you are done with the chicken or not. Also you can check with the fork in the thigh area to make sure that the juices run clearly.

  6. If you wish to use a stuffing make sure that it is done properly wait till it reaches to the internal temperature of 165°F. Also whatever stuffing you want to use it can be cooked first as a separate dish just to reduce the bacteria risk growth.

Now when you are done with these basic steps I know you must be thinking what all recipes are there for chicken.

I have also come up with this part just for you when I searched few of the, on the web and came across Bonappetit Chicken Recipes and Knorr Chicken Recipes. Out of these two I have tried one of them rest I am going to try this weekend. Hope you would love my findings!

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