The prospect of eating vegetarian food may not excite you but if you haven’t eaten Indian vegetarian food then you really can’t judge whether vegetarian is interesting or not. Take it from us, some vegetarian food can be good and some can be really good. The best vegetarian food we’ve ever eaten is definitely Indian and Dosa King on Soi 11/1 is a leading practitioner of the cuisine here in Sukhumvit.
The main reason that Indian vegetarian food is good is that it contains a far greater number of spices than other vegetarian cuisines and it is also sometimes spicy which makes it a lot more interesting. Blandness is the biggest problem with vegetarian food in general especially for meat eaters who are used to the flavors contained in animal fats which are much more potent than most flavors found in vegetables. To help mitigate that spices are used and this is where Indian food excels. 
Dosa King lives up to its name by offering diners a large selection of dosas — large, thin crepe-like items (seen in photo above left) that are made with rice and lentil batter. They are extremely thin and crispy and can be served with condiments such as chutneys and sauces and can also be filled with different ingredients such as onions, potatoes, cottage cheese and other vegetables. The menu also contains a large number of northern Indian dishes and a good selection of starters as well. The drinks are interesting too as we tried some lassis and fruit punches that were very refreshing.
When you go to Dosa King don’t think about it being for vegetarians. It’s really for people who just like good food.
Dosa King, Soi 11/1, 02-651-1700