Complement your dinner party and evening party menus with a few cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Include simple drink recipes in the menu for ease of service. Simple recipes help make large batches of drinks for large groups of people. You can simply add a new spice or juice to your favorite recipes to come up with new drinks. Pair these drinks with quick, easy and delicious appetizers like tapas, mini burgers, tacos and other bite-sized snacks for a complete party menu.

Tips on Making Cocktails and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
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Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Cocktail Recipes for Parties
Cocktail Recipes Non Alcoholic Choices

Include an apple cider cocktail in your drink recipes for a refreshing and tasty drink. This drink is best served with ice in chilled glasses. You can keep a few cocktail glasses in the fridge thirty minutes before the party begins. To make the drink, pour half a cup of apple cider, a quarter cup of apple brandy, regular brandy and lemon juice each and two teaspoons of maple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Fill up the shaker with as much ice as you want and shake vigorously for a few seconds till the ingredients are well blended. Pour into the chilled glasses and garnish with apple slices. Perch a slice of apple on the rim by making a slit in it. Rub a little lemon juice on the apple slices to keep them fresh.

Come up with creative drink recipes by tweaking the regular ones. You can add a different flavor to regular martinis by simply adding one extra ingredient. Fill up a cocktail shaker half way through with ice and pour in a cup of vodka, half a cup of cranberry juice and a quarter cup of vermouth. Shake it vigorously for about ten seconds and serve in chilled martini glasses, garnished with cranberries and lemon zest twists.

It is important to include non-alcoholic drinks in the party menu as a refreshing side to grilled food and roasts. These also double as an alternative to cocktails for people who do not wish to drink or guests who have to drive back home. Fruits can be used to make healthy drinks. Apple, lime and watermelon are some of the common choices for drinks. All these fruits have cooling properties and the lime has a nice refreshing flavor that complements the non-alcoholic drinks. 

Pineapple and lavender blossoms make a great combination for a non-alcoholic drink. In a juicer, simply extract the juice of a tablespoon of lavender blossoms, followed by chunks of a pineapple. Pour this over ice and garnish with lavender sprigs before serving. To make flavorful lemonade, combine two cups of water with one and a half cups of pomegranate juice, half a cup of fresh lemon juice and a quarter cup of sugar. Stir well till the sugar dissolves and serve over crushed ice in chilled glasses with lime wedges or twists for garnish.