We usually pay close attention to every ingredient that we place into our drinks every time we go over our drink recipes to prepare bar drinks. For example, when choosing bananas to add as garnish, we only choose those that are spot free. We exercise the same care and diligence in choosing all the other ingredients. But when it comes to ice, we do not care as much. We simply reach out for what is available. The reason for this is that most of us think that ice do not matter much. They only cool our bar drinks.

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Despite what many people think, ice does a lot more than just chill your bar drinks. It does a good job of chilling your drinks, to be sure, but it can also do other wonders to your bar drinks. The other benefits of ice are diluting and aerating your bar drinks.

After you add ice to your bar drinks, those ice will melt over time. Ice, you may already know, are frozen water, so when they melt, they turn back into water. This additional water could have the effect of diluting your bar drinks. Should you added the right amount of ice, your bar drinks will be brought into balance. The water will even out the flavor extremes of your bar drinks like sour lemon juice and strong alcohol.

Aside from diluting your bar drinks, ice can also aerate them. Try adding ice with your drink in the shaker. Air will be incorporated into the liquid as it is agitated. Because of this, froth will form on the top of your drink. This froth is the telltale sign of aeration.

Ice usually takes a back seat when people are preparing bar drinks. We give too much focus on the other components of drink recipes like the liquor, fruits, and garnishes. But sadly, we almost give no thought on the quality, quantity, shape, and size of the ice. That is unfortunate considering that ice has the ability to make your bar drinks taste extraordinary.