Thank goodness for crockpot beef stew and other types of stew, which used to be started on the weekend and served Sunday after everything involved with preparation and separate cooking times was done. With the crockpot, food is cooked slowly for several hours, with even the cheaper cuts of meat turning out flavorful and tender. It is really not magic; it is just the result of slow cooking breaking down the tough fibers of the less expensive cuts of meat. Of course, all the delicious flavors of vegetables, meat and seasonings are going to combine and result into one of the most delicious stews you have ever served family or guests.

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Healthy eating is a result of cooking in your crockpot, even when following the recipe for your favorite international cuisine. Because flavors combine, the traditional sugar and fat laden Asian foods can be made in your crockpot while reducing the amount of unhealthy content. When you browse through the recipes, watch for the healthy versions of your favorite Chinese, Thai, and East Indian foods and the tasty recipes for beef stew, including the fresh vegetables and homemade dumplings that make your family smile.

Aside from delicious, healthy meals, what other reasons are there for using a crockpot as opposed to the oven or skillet? When slow cooking in the crockpot, your food will not overcook if its cooking time extends over by a few minutes - just imagine the crispy black top on your oven meal when that happens!

Near and dear to every cook's heart is the knowledge that preparing, cooking, and best of all, cleaning times are drastically reduced. That is the benefit of cooking in the crockpot, and popular crockpot recipes for beginning crockpot students are useful as well for the seasoned chef, who will delight in the number of international recipes available for slow cooking.

Crockpot Beef Stew And Dumplings

Sometimes it is too hot to use the oven and you do not want to add additional heat by fixing dinner. The user-friendly crockpot lets you combine the ingredients, turn on the proper setting, and go do something else while dinner cooks. No need to watch it or hover nearby because the recipe has been proven to work for a self-cooking meal. Ovens and stoves add heat and the crockpot just sends fragrant aromas out without heating anything but the recipe it is making.

Save energy! Your electric bill will not suffer when using a crockpot, as it uses far less energy than the oven or stove. Believe it or not, the energy usage is similar to that of a light bulb and far less than an oven.

Who isn't happy to save money on the grocery bill? Buy the cheap cuts of meat when they go on sale, because crockpot cooking will produce some beautiful results. The most important requirement for any successful crockpot creation is to follow the recipe and cook it for the designated amount of time and not lifting the lid unless directed to. The secret of crockpot success is the steam caused by the ingredients, and keeping that liquid inside the pot.

A lot of authentic crockpot recipes have basic foundations that have been changed as chefs work on new tastes and selections. If you enjoy a variety of foods and flavors, you might like to see other quick and easy crockpot beef stew recipes which combine fresh produce and other quality ingredients with amazing results.

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