This is a nice stand by itself salad that you regularly find at cookouts in France. I think most people just throw in whatever they have on hand. It's a great use-up-the-leftovers salad. The following recipe uses the most popular ingredients. Feel free to play around, adding and subtracting where you see fit. Also, don't be surprised to find children gobbling this one up and asking for seconds.

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Also it's a great way to be using up any leftovers whether they be leftover plain rice or vegetables. Even in wintertime you can throw together this type of salad on a low-key evening, serve with some soup and hot-out-of-the-oven fresh bread. It makes a great meal. Any leftovers travel well in brown bags and lunch boxes.

The thing is that kids really do love this salad and any version you try and come up with. It's true that vegetables like avocados, corn, tomatoes and diced carrots are child-friendly. You will be surprised how many little ones dig in on this type of "salad".

Of course you can always give it more substance by adding any leftover meats you have on hand. Left over roasted chicken or pot roast really add flair to this salad, completely changing the flavor of the entire salad.

Make it in advance and let it sit in order for the flavors to blend. You will thoroughly enjoy this low key, yet tasty rice salad recipe. It's that French flair, I know. I know. Maybe it's in the dressing or the fact you can just use whatever to make it.