For the last nine months or so Sukhumvit has had another premium steakhouse for locals to partake of their favorite cuts of red meat. El Gaucho, which bills itself as an Argentinian steakhouse, opened in the old La Gritta location in the City Lodge hotel on Soi 19 back in August of 2012.
With its original roots stretching back as far as the Czech Republic and Slovakia and more recently Vietnam, El Gaucho has been presenting New York Steakhouse type of quality in a freestanding restaurant, the first time that’s happened in Sukhumvit to the best of our knowledge. 
Importing chilled prime beef is part of the formula as well as providing top quality wines and other ingredients to go along with the beef.
There are other meats on the menu — chicken, pork, lamb —and seafood too but make no mistake about it: this restaurant is all about beef. And it’s beef that comes from the U.S. and Australia. The wagyu cuts on the menu come from Australia and the others come from the U.S. and Argentina.
They offer either a filet or a ribeye in four sizes up to one kilo in size and cut from prime Black Angus beef from Australia or the U.S. and a NY strip steak in two sizes. The Wagyu cuts are a 200 gram and 300 gram tenderloin that are rated as 9+ on the marbling scale. There’s also a 
And what’s good food and wine without a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy it in? The interior of El Gaucho is warm and inviting, cozy almost, but with a stylish flair. The dark wood of the chairs and tables and the black leather banquettes offer a somber counterpoint to the period photos of Argentina that adorn the walls and brighten the decor along with the large windows that make up an entire wall of this long, rectangular space.
The top floor is the main dining room and looks like it seats around 60 people. The lower level is more of a bar space that also has seating for dining and contains a cooler where the beef that is on the menu can also be purchased for your own kitchen.
Restaurants come and go here, as anywhere, but the people who are operating this restaurant know what they’re doing and have built a good business offering people top quality food in great surroundings. 
And it looks like they’ll be doing it for many years to come, given the track record of their first nine months in business.