Writing about El Osito is rather difficult because it’s hard to find a starting point. Do you start with the cool decor, the two-part, day/night menu or the somewhat eclectic food that is some of the best we’ve tasted in Bangkok?
Actually, the best place to start is with the owners, Billy, a native San Franciscan and his Thai wife Khun O. These two share a passion for food that drives the success of this casual deli/tapas place. 
In fact, Billy has more passion for food than any 10 other chefs combined that we’ve seen in the last 17 years of writing about food in Bangkok. His infectious enthusiasm and non-stop energy reveal a true love of creating fine food and also real hospitality. His own words best describe his overall philosophy towards his restaurants (he has two: La Monita next door serves great Mexican food we’ll write about soon). When we talked about doing an article for the magazine he told us to come in any time that was convenient so he could “feed us.”
That’s what this business of his seems to be for him — an opportunity to feed people great food. It’s certainly a refreshing attitude compared to many of the places we’ve been to in our long culinary journey here and no matter what type of food you like there’s something here that is bound to knock your socks off. 
It might be the pastrami they make on-premises or the corned beef they also make, which, by the way, is the best we’ve ever had anywhere in the world. Hands down. Or it could be the Madrid-style shrimp and bread tapas dish or the shrimp and anchovy tapas offering or probably anything else you find on this menu that has deli food during the day and Spanish tapas at night.
Bottom line is, just go here and let Billy start feeding you any of this wonderful food. It truly is a paradise for any foodie in Bangkok. Hell, for a foodie anywhere. We’ll be back soon ourselves because he’s got a lot more feeding to do before we’ll be satisfied.
El Osito, Mahatun Plaza, 02-651-4399