Maverick restaurant, located on the Ocean Tower II building on Soi 19, is a little gem of a place that has been serving interesting food to people for almost a year. Its warm, inviting interior also manages to project an air of elegance and it would be a great place to take a hot date or a valued business client since they will probably be impressed by the experience. 
The food, as you can see, looks beautiful and usually hits the mark in terms of taste and composition on each of the dishes. 
They’ve hit a number of different culinary bases here since they opened, even hosting a molecular gastronomy night last November, but the current direction seems to be fixed on creating food that’s sometimes straightforward and simple and other times a bit more adventurous but always delicious. 
We sampled crispy salmon skin that featured avocado among other ingredients along with deviled eggs that included tuna, two dishes that were definitely on the adventurous side while the red garoupa and braised beef short ribs were more traditional in approach and execution.
In addition to the food the wine here is quite varied and of good quality. We tried some of the Spanish wine that one of the owners is partial to and it proved to be a good red that went well with the ribs. The bottles are displayed nicely and add, with many other design features, to the overall ambience. They also have  a number of seating options with booths, tables and a long center table cleverly set up to host either a large group or couples. And there’s a chef’s table setup that’s just outside the open kitchen and would provide a great setting for a group of people.
Make a stop at Maverick some time soon and you’re sure to have as good a food and wine experience as we did in this beautiful spot.
Maverick, Soi 19, 02-665-2772