Enoteca is one of many Italian restaurants in the Sukhumvit area but it is certainly unique in its approach to food, at least in our experience. Of course, we’ve been to hundreds of restaurants in Bangkok over the years and have reviewed over 700 of them so we’ve seen a lot of what the city as well as this area has to offer and Enoteca’s menu is one of the more esoteric we’ve ever seen.
One of their signature dishes pretty much sums up this restaurant’s entire menu.  It’s called black ink cappuccino and it consists of a layer of squid in the bottom of a miniature water pitcher with a layer of black ink on top of it and a layer of potato cream foam on top of that. You dig into the mixture and scoop out the small pieces of squid that are covered in the ink and pop them into your mouth for an exquisite taste sensation. The squid is the tenderest we’ve ever tasted and almost has the consistency of a scallop, the result of several hours of braising.
You won’t find this dish on a menu anywhere else and there are a number of other dishes here that must be unique to Enoteca as well. It’s this approach to food that has earned them many accolades  over the 10 years they’ve been open and a TripAdvisor profile that any restaurateur would kill to have.
Other menu items that we sampled included the smoked scallop (see left), the  omelet foam with smoked ham, the ravioli with foie gras and truffles and the rack of lamb which was the simplest preparation of all but very flavorful, the chef letting the quality of the lamb speak for itself.
The rest of the menu contains dishes like veal cheeks, rabbit, beetroot gnocchi, roasted pigeon and a slow-cooked roasted Italian suckling pig. More visits are going to be required to taste some of these out of the ordinary preparations.
The decor here is rustic and comfortable in nature which is almost at odds with the delicate preparation  of the food but it all works together, along with a huge wine list of all Italian varieties,  to create a wonderful dining experience.
Try Enoteca when you want to impress guests or you just want to enjoy great food that is lovingly prepared and masterfully conceived. You will eat here knowing that you’re in a unique food place that isn’t matched by anyplace else around.
Enoteca, Soi 29, 02-258-4386