India is a land that is rich in diversity of types of people. It harbours many tribes and races and all races have their own essence of food. If you travel around the country, you will realise the thousands of dishes, some very simple, some complicated, yet all of them unique in their own self. Made of mostly two-thirds of vegetarians, Indian spices are famous throughout the world.

Indian recipes are high on spice content, not to mention, the variety of Indian spices are found nowhere on the planet. Cumin-coriander-turmeric-chillies are the basic of most of the Indian recipes. To them can be added onion-garlic-ginger paste. Tomatoes can give the sour taste to the dishes and make it appear more reddish. Apart from being suitable for digestion, mint and curd is also used to temper the Indian recipes.

When it comes to vegetarian recipes, the most popular is paneer and potato. All categories of people have their own way of cooking. The Punjabis prefer spicy hot and sour taste and hence they have evolved the platter of tandoori dishes. Basically tandoori is roasted food, be it vegetables or rotis. The preparation of a tandoori begins long time before being actually roasted; it begins with marinating the item in ginger-garlic and curd. Slow roasting can give the tandoori item a typical soft burnt taste! Potatoes are also preferred in most of the Indian vegetarian recipes and when mixed with cauliflower or peas it can give the best of vegetarian dishes. 

Potatoes are also used for stuffing capsicum or tomatoes. Apart from these ladies finger is one item that nutritious as well as enjoyable to eat. Bharwa Bhindi is an item with chosen spices. Paneer can also be cooked in a variety of gravies such as in onion-ginger-garlic paste with fenugreek leaves, in fresh cream or even coupled with peas to give mutter paneer. Similarly, Maharashtrians are also extremely famous for their use of coriander and mint leaves in their food. Mint improves the digestive power, whereas coriander improves the aroma.

Non veg recipes begin from Mughlai recipes. Biryani is the unique blend of rice and mutton in a choice of rare Indian spices. It has a distinctive aroma that can drive you mad. Hyderabadi biryani is famous for the remarkably little spices yet rich smell. As biryani travelled along the country, it changed to suit according to the tastes of the people. Now we have a biryani made according to people in Mumbai! Biryanis are now cooked even with chicken, though originally it was being prepared with mutton only. Kebab is yet another Mughlai dish, and this too is a close kin of the tandoori. Kebabs are found in varieties such as in less spicy or spicier options. Reshmi kebab is extremely low on spices, whereas the tikkas are extremely hot. Hari bhari kebab is green in colour though with a special aroma of mint and coriander.

If you want to know, more you will have to travel through some of the finest Indian cuisine information portals likeFree Articles, Many online portals now offer well-illustrated Indian recipes those can be cooked with extremely little effort. A little practise and sense of dressing can turn you into a real accomplished cook.