A few months ago, the Apps store launched a new recipe cocktails app to enable cocktail lovers discover new blended concoctions. This cocktail recipe platform has attracted over one thousand five hundred users who have already shared more than four hundred and fifty blends. One of the distinct features of this application when compared to other similar apps is the focus on personal curation instead of advertising the total number of recipes available in the database of this cocktail app.

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The various recipes are segregated in unique lists to make it simple for users to search for their favorite categories, such as old fashioned variations and recipes mixed by famous bartenders of the world. In addition, the iPhone drink recipe app provides a social aspect to the various recipes by allowing users to submit their drinks and share this information with their family members and friends on social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, the users can follow the recipes posted by other mixing enthusiasts and have other people who follow their mixed drinks. Users can share their experiences and provide the story behind their drinks to provide a sense of sociability to their entire experience.

This unique app based on the modern term "mixology" allows users to connect with people who share a similar passion for mixing their drinks and concocting their own distinct flavors. Users can include pictures of their mixed drinks and include a description (that is not limited to a maximum of one hundred and forty characters) and share it with their friends and family members. An individual can provide the minor details on what inspired him or her to mix a particular drink, the occasion, and his or her experience during the time.

This cocktail and drink app for iPhone is an excellent option for any user who wants to learn more about mixing drinks and the art of preparing cocktails. Drinking enthusiasts can discover a large number of new mixed drinks while connecting with other people who share a similar kind of enthusiasm for cocktails. Users can upload their drink recipes including the ingredients as per their likings along with pictures and descriptions of their favorite drinks.

In addition to the various recipes provided by the users, you can find some of the most popular recipes concocted by famous global bartenders on this iPhone drink recipe app. The developers have tried to create an app that was unlike and distinct from the other similar applications that are widely available. A large number of the users are the well known bartenders around the numerous bars in various parts of the world. The app has been tested and found to be free of all the minor errors and other technical defects faced by some users. Therefore, you can now download this application on your iPhone and procure the most distinct recipes from famous bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts from all different parts of the world.