Grilled prime ribs have always been a classic recipe. In fact, many families bank on this dish as their main recipe during holidays. Even weekend getaways have become more fun because of grilled food and ice cold drinks. Top it off with everything buttery or saucy and absolutely, eating naturally becomes an experience to remember.

There are said to be secrets on how to grill prime ribs. These are kept and old tales about food that give further interest to any diner. So, is there really a truth behind all these? Are secrets about to be revealed when it comes to knowing how to grill prime ribs? The answer is yes.

1. The first and perhaps the most important secret is temperature setting. Everything should be kept at bay including the setting of temperature when using a gas grill, as well as the hotness of the coals once placed on the grill.

2. Indirect cooking has long been considered a top secret on how to grill prime ribs. Direct heat is never utilized and grilling must be done slowly but surely.

3. Think of proper preparation times. Meaning, you have to be ready with every essential. All the way from the ingredients used, to the grill and other tools for cooking, you have to bear in mind that readiness is a must.

4. Get the whole prime rib roast for this particular recipe. Prepare other ingredients such as garlic, pepper, paprika and rosemary. Herbs can be either dried or fresh. However, for this specific recipe, both fresh and dried rosemary are being considered. Also, it is best to use coarse salt as part of your dry rub for your prime roast.

5. Another known secret when it comes to learning how to grill prime ribs has something to do with thermometer use. It always pays to have a digital thermometer to ensure accuracy. A pound of roast takes about 12 to 14 minutes to cook. The time varies, depending on the size of the meat itself. It also depends on how you want your prime ribs, whether rare or medium rare.

An internal temperature ranging from 115 to 125 degrees proves ideal in cooking your prime rib. Once it reaches said temperature, you can opt to remove it from the grill and cover it with foil. Let it rest for a couple of minutes.

Prime ribs that are cooked well done normally require 125 degrees temperature and a 30-minute resting time. On the other hand, for rare to medium rare rib roast, it is preferred to maintain a 115 degree-temperature and a resting time lasting for about 15 minutes tops.

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