Since the Flava restaurant opened about seven years ago in the Dream Hotel on Soi 15 little has changed in its basic menu concept. It still has an interesting mix of eastern and western dishes and at prices that are a change from most of the overpriced hotel food available in Sukhumvit.
A recent visit confirmed that the menu was still relevant and had changed over the years in terms of the actual dishes but not in philosophy. The food quality is still good and the presentations are nicely styled, making it a good place to enjoy a wide variety of dishes.
The plates you see here are representative of the entire menu. The  Caesar Salad in the upper right has a unique presentation with the addition of chicken tikka pieces to the mix. The tom yum goong hang in the lower right photo is a Flava original dish — tom yum without the soup, basically. And the soft shell crab green curry at the upper left is another unique item with the contrast of flavors and textures creating a different experience altogether. Although time has passed here, little else has changed which is a good thing. 
Flava, Dream Hotel, 02-254-8500