As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. As we know, eating apples frequently can prevent people from many diseases. But few people know that apple is an excellent participant in clinics. According to traditional Chinese medicine, apple can cure several diseases. 
First of all, apple is capable of curing asthma. Ancient traditional Chinese medicine books record that asthma is closely related to the condition of lungs. But herbalist doctors do not treat organs as a separate part. They hold the view that the health of lung is also interrelated to that of spleen and kidney. In order to cure lung diseases, the functions of spleen and kidney should be adjusted first. They suggest that apple has a gentle medical feature that is good for spleen, while egg does goods to kidneys. Therefore, asthma patients can braise apple and eggs together for about twenty minutes in order to cure asthma. Such a recipe should be used twice a day. If available, sugar candies should be added, too. 
Secondly, apple is able to cure prostatitis. Zinc is the most important mineral for prostatitis patients. Fortunately, apple is rich in this mineral. If they eat three to five apples a day, or they often drink thick apple juice, the content of zinc would increase quickly. In consequence, the immune ability of prostate would be strengthened. 
Thirdly, apple can help with diarrhea of children. The stomach and intestines of children are so immature that digestion problems occur from time to time. Diarrhea is not strange to children. Doctors argue that apple is good medicine for diarrhea. What parents need to do is to boil some apples and make them into paste. Babies who are younger than one year old should eat fifty grams once and three to four times a day. Older children need to eat 100 grams every time. When they get well, keep eating apple paste and yoghurt for a period. 
Fourthly, apple is useful in curing astiction as well as diarrhea. Apple is a good source of tannic acid, pectin and dietary fibers. Tannic acid, as we know, is an astringent for intestines. It is able to reduce the production of water in intestines. Meanwhile, cooked pectin has a similar function, too. As a result, cooked apple is helpful to cure diarrhea. But raw pectin is different. It can soft the substances in the intestines and cure astiction. To make full use of apple, we must make clear where the nutriments hide. Tannic acid is everywhere in the apple, while pectin is hidden in places near the skin. So if we eat cooked apples to cure diarrhea, do eat them with skin. It is also a wise choice if people make some apple soup. But if apple is used to help digestion, eat raw apples.