How does combining a salad with a sandwich sound? Pretty good? That is what you are going to do if you decide to try out this recipe! Why would you do this? Because it is not only fast, like a salad is, but the increased meatiness of a sandwich makes this a fast AND filling meal. Perfect if you want to get a quick meal, but know you will not get a chance to eat for a long time.

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Do you need to be careful with the ingredients you use when you make a salad sandwich? What does your gut sense tell you..? Of course you do not have to be careful -- you just take whatever you like and mix it, and put it on a sandwich. Following a recipe, to perfection, will not do anything for you if the ingredients do not do anything for you....Or, it could happen, but it is probably an exception.

But I will give you an example of ingredients you can use to make your salad sandwich.Just for the hell of it!

The ingredients for a great salad sandwich are as follows: Cucumber, tomato, green onion, sprouts, cream cheese, spinach. For dressing, use mayonnaise (or whatever else, delicious thing, you can think of).

"What?", you say, "no amounts?". Realize that this is all about making a quick meal (that fills you up). This is not rocket science. If you like tomato a lot, take a lot of tomatoes. If you do not like tomatoes, perhaps skip them, or take a lot of something else to drown the taste of tomato. Just use your common sense.

The directions are super simple.