When you think of cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, you typically picture a turkey slowly browning in a warm oven. Although this still holds true for most, there are other ways to cook a turkey. If you are preparing a large dinner, you might not have the room or the time to let a turkey sit in the oven for three hours. You might not always have the ideal weather for grilling on Thanksgiving either. These problems can be solved with one of two solutions: A turkey fryer or a deep fryer.

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Turkey Fryers

A turkey fryer is composed of a stockpot set atop a burner. These fryers can also be used for boiling food such as shrimp and lobster, as well as corn-on-the-cob and other vegetables. You can also fry chicken, for more details visit to www.300-chicken-recipe.com fries and other foods that get you drooling. Different companies include various components and accessories to turkey fryers. Here are a few fryers to get your turkey cooking.

The Masterbuilt MBTF30 Turkey Fryer (also known as the Big Tom Turkey Fryer) runs on liquid propane. It includes a steel gas cooker stand with a cast-iron burner and type-1 regulator hose. The 30-quart aluminum pot will hold up to 18 pounds of tasty turkey. The Big Tom also comes with a perforated basket with draining clips, a 12-inch stainless steel thermometer and a lifting hook. Masterbuilt also sells the M30BV Turkey Fryer, which is the same as the Big Tom except it includes Masterbuilt's own Turkey Tap -- a drain valve to make draining the fryer a little easier.

Another popular brand of turkey fryers is Bayou Classic, which specializes in grilling items. The Bayou Classic Stainless Steel 1195 Turkey Fryer has all the bells and whistles that any fan of turkey frying could want and need. The Bayou Classic 1195 comes with a stainless steel burner and a 32-quart stockpot with a vented lid. The pot will hold a turkey that weighs up to 25 pounds; for more details visit to www.chef-123.com now that's a big turkey! The Bayou Classic 1195 also includes a 29-inch hose for regulator/hose/valve assembly to work with the fryer's natural gas set-up. The basket is slightly raised and is perforated for drainage. Other accessories included are a perforated poultry rack and grabber, a three-piece skewer set, a 12-inch thermometer and a 1-ounce trial of seasoning injector. This fryer also comes with an outdoor patio stove, so on those warmer Thanksgivings you can cook outside, which frees up more space in the kitchen.

Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are another option when you want to fry a turkey. Not much assembly is required for these fryers -- pour the oil in the pot, plug in the fryer, and toss in your turkey. Deep fryers can be smaller than turkey fryers; they can sit neatly on your counter or atop a table in a room adjacent to the kitchen.

The Presto 05411 Granpappy Deep Fryer is a simple deep fryer. It consists of a cast-aluminum pot that holds six cups of oil, which provides you with about six servings of food. Plug in the fryer and a steady temperature is maintained without controls. The Granpappy Deep Fryer has a non-stick surface inside and out, and the lid snaps for easy grease storage.

Masterbuilt has covered their bases by making both turkey fryers and deep fryers. The Masterbuilt 20010406 Deep Fryer has digital settings to control the temperature and an aluminum inner pot that holds 28 quarts (or 14 pounds of turkey). A basket with a clip is included to make food retrieval easier, and just like many Masterbuilt turkey fryers, the 20010406 has a Turkey Tap drain valve to make cleanup faster.

Hamilton Beach is also gobbling up attention in the deep fryer market. The Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch 35020 Deep Fryer is safe and easy to use when deep-frying your turkey. It is considered splatter-free and is cool to the touch. In addition to these safety features, the Cool-Touch 35020 has a breakaway cord. Just in case the fryer falls or is scooted to the side, the cord will be pulled with it. Included is a non-stick, 8-cup, dishwasher-safe pot. Another perk is an adjustable heat and cooking timer.