Thanksgiving is a family celebration of giving thanks for what you have. And one of those thanks is food. The smell of sweet potato pie lingering throughout the house and the sounds of family chatter and laughter is a very satisfying and joyful moment. It reminds you that there's no place like home. It will always be a memory that no one will ever forget.

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The star of the unforgettable moments is the turkey. You can't serve a dry turkey for Thanksgiving dinner or for any other occasion. And believe me no one wants to eat it dry either. The star of the show should always be well prepared and beautiful. Cooking a dish such as this takes time and knowledge.

Simply, you cannot just throw a raw turkey in the oven and forget about it. Cooking it has to have consistency. The most important part to baking a bird is basting and flavor. If well planned ans sought out the bird should come out bursting with flavorand juiciness. If you don't know how to cook a juicy turkey, just follow these steps for a unforgettable and addictive meat dish. I've been using this Thanksgiving turkey recipe for years. I made it up myself and everyone that eats it absolutely loves it!

Garlic Butter Juicy Turkey Recipe

Clean, rinse and empty contents from the bird.
If you have  one, place it in a roasting pan that has a lid to lick in moisture and flavor. If you don't have one, put the turkey in a pan and wrap with aluminum foil.
Poke holes in the turkey all over with a sharp knife. This is to ensure that seasoning soaks through the meat.
Grab a couple tablespoons of olive oil and rub it all over it.
Get a stick of butter and put in a bowl. Place in the microwave with a paper towel on top for about 20 to 35 seconds.
Remove butter  from microwave add 3 tablespoons of seasoning salt. Stir until mixed.
Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of garlic to butter, stir until mixed thoroughly. If you want add onion powder too. About 1 tablespoon.
Take the butter mixture and  with your hand rub it all over the turkey. Rub underneath, the butt, saturate all over.
Add stuffing if any. Put top on turkey and let it cook.
Important: Baste it at least every 20-30 minutes.

This is my way to getting a moist and juicy turkey. It will definitely turn heads and give you happy ratings at your Thanksgiving dinner.