The sun is scorching hot, and you feel so parched. You could really use a cold and refreshing drink. Why not prepare a delicious juice drink and lounge by the pool? Luckily, most drink recipes would allow you to prepare fruit drinks using only your blender. With these drink recipes, you can make delicious and refreshing juice drinks in no time at all.

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Children and adults love the thirst-quenching taste of fresh juice. Additionally, most juice drink recipes are healthy, too. Indeed, fruit juices are important for a healthy lifestyle. These beverages should be a significant part of your daily fluid intake.

The best part is that delicious juice drinks are very easy to prepare. A blender is the only tool you need. With the availability of numerous juice drink recipes, you will soon be having a healthy drink. But first, you need to gather the necessary ingredients.

Before anything else, you must collect a good variety of fruits and vegetables that are needed in your drink recipes. The fruits and vegetables must be clean; wash them well before blending. Plan ahead on how you want to combine your fruits and vegetables for your juice. Some of them go better together. Choose a combination where the components would complement each other. Your drink recipes will give you a clue regarding this. For example, pair sweet tasting fruits with not-so-sweet ones, so you will not need to add much sugar.

Citrus fruits, like the many kinds of oranges, go well with each other. You won't have a problem mixing them together. Bananas are great because they can be added to many fruits. You do not have to worry about this one for the most part. If you do not have drink recipes yet, you can take a peek at the smoothies and fruit juices you can find on the shelves of your local grocery store. This would give you some ideas as to what goes well with what.