Whip up a chili recipe for taste, health and convenience. Choose from a great variety of chili recipes that make use of delicious, nutritious chili beans as well as lean meat, tomatoes, herbs and spices, and vegetables. Try a popular chili con carne recipe with lean ground beef, black, pinto and cannellini beans, tomatoes, chilies, garlic and spices. Serve with rice and grated cheese. Or go for a more adventurous turkey or chicken chili. For vegetarians, vegetable chili is great for a main meal or served with a baked potato for lunch. Add zucchini and eggplant to your chili mix. When you make chili yourself you can control how hot and spicy the meal turns out to be. Add plenty of chilies for those that like it hot, and tone down the dish with plenty of herbs for children.

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Chili recipes are ideal for the time-pressed cook because they are quick and easy to prepare. Ideal for when you've been working all day and want a tasty, wholesome meal on the table at the end of it. Ideal for families who want a healthy meal together but don't have much time to cook it. Chili is economical and you can make large quantities of your chosen recipe – simply freeze what you don't eat and reheat for another convenient meal.

And the nutrition benefits for you and your family from these recipes? The beans that make up the bulk of your chili dish are naturally low in fat, making them great for a healthy meal, and contain no cholesterol or saturated fat. Beans are packed with beneficial nutrients like fiber, calcium, iron, folic acid and protein. All these nutrients are essential to a healthy diet. In fact, beans have more fiber than most other whole grain foods and are a whole lot more appetizing than many of them. Beans are high in protein and rich in iron – great for vegetarians and people who don't like to eat red meat. Beans are also rich in magnesium and B vitamins. When you add in the nutrients from the vegetables you cook with the beans – and keep your meat lean – you've got one healthy supper.

When you really don't have enough time to cook, open a can of ready prepared chili beans in a spicy sauce and heat. All you need to add is some chunks of bread and a sprinkling of cheese and you've got a tasty supper or light dinner. Chili beans in a tomato sauce, whether it's zesty and spicy or warm and flavorsome, contain around 100 calories per serving. Not bad for a simple meal that's high in flavor.

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