Here’s our review of Oskar: the food is great and you should be eating there. Often.
That’s it. The rest of this review is going to expand upon the information in the first paragraph and you should read it because we spent time writing it and our feelings would be hurt if you didn’t. However, the smart thing to do is to just take our word for it, skip the review and go to Oskar’s now and start eating. Anything.
It would be hard to go wrong if the entire menu is like the three dishes we tried there recently and there is no reason to doubt that this is the case. There’s a good reason why the food is delicious here and it’s because of who is in the kitchen. 
You want your restaurant to have great food? Then get a great chef. That’s what owner Jeff Casetta and his partners did about 18 months ago when they opened Oskar. And this chef probably won’t ever leave, either, because he’s one of the partners.
The chef is Julian and his resume includes working most recently at the Dusit Thani’s D’Sens restaurant. You may never have been to D’Sens but we have on several occasions and the food there is exquisitely prepared and presented in a nouveau French style. The restaurant was put together by the Dusit in collaboration with twin brother chefs from France who also happen to have at least one Michelin star to their name.
Julian didn’t work there because he was just another pretty face. He had to be good and it shows in the simple preparations of international bistro food that he’s designed for Oskar.
We ate the salmon skewers, which were the tastiest pieces of salmon we can remember eating in Bangkok, the Phuket salad and the duck parmentier. Jeff described the menu as being comfort food and he’s right. I felt very comfortable eating this food and would gladly do so again — right now, actually. 
The rest of the menu has more salads, more skewers, more cocottes, which is what the duck parmentier actually is, a little mini-casserole that came with a nice salad. And there’s also plenty of pizzas and lots more great looking dishes with a good wine list to pair with the food 
Anyway, if you didn’t take our advice and are still reading this then maybe now you’re convinced. Head to Oskar’s and start eating. Now.
Oskar, Soi 11, 02-255-3377