Eating tasty, delicious vegetarian food is no always easy to do although it is certainly easier than it was 30 years ago. Many people are more health conscious these days and have recognized that a vegetarian diet is more suited to keeping their weight down. That has led to more restaurants catering to this demand which has naturally led to greater choices. 
Personally, we’ve always felt that Indian vegetarian food was the tastiest but there is another contender to consider. Although Govinda Italian restaurant on Soi 22 has been around for over nine years now we only made our first visit very recently and were surprised to find a wide variety of food that is strictly vegetarian and also good to eat.
You probably wouldn’t think that Italian food could be transformed into good vegetarian fare but the chef here at Govinda — Marta, part of the husband and wife team that runs the restaurant and includes Stefano — has done a good job of preserving the flavors of her native Italy while remaining true to vegetarian standards. You won’t find any fish or meat at all and that also includes eggs and most of the dishes are also safe for vegans who have stricter requirements. They have cheese and, to make up for the lack of real meat, soy “meat” products that approximate the flavors and textures of real meat to a degree. 
The menu here is quite large, encompassing many types of Italian cuisine. As you would expect in any vegetarian restaurant you’ll find a good selection of soups and salads but there are also separate sections for spaghetti, penne and gnocchi dishes as well as a long list of special pastas and main course dishes, one of which is the eggplant parmesan (see photo below) which we ordered. It was much better than one we had only a week before, the main difference being the heartiness of the sauce.
There’s also a long list of pizzas and on our next visit a priority will be to try one of them. There are also risottos and, as mentioned above, soy meat dishes such as the Maedin Misti which is pictured to the right. Some of the soy products were quite realistic, such as the sausage slices, but others needed a little imagination to conjure up the exact experience of eating meat. 
We also ordered a Caesar Salad and the below dish, the Linguine Tartufo, which came from the Special Pastas section. The linguine was a huge portion and had just enough black truffle flavor to make it a very rich dish as well as a large one. Two people would be satisfied with this portion. The Caesar we thought was a little less successful. Since the dressing could not be made with eggs there had to be a substitute and while the salad was tasty, with soy chicken added, it was not like a traditional Caesar. But we ate all of it so maybe that’s a more important point. 
Whether you’re a vegetarian or not you’ll find good food to eat here at Govinda which has established itself as a viable vegetarian alternative.
Govinda, Soi 22, 02-663-4970