There are a lot of well-designed restaurants in Bangkok – and a lot that aren’t – but the people who designed Crave had a little more on their plates, so to speak, than many designers. They had to incorporate an island kitchen and a wine cellar space into their restaurant as well as the dining room and they ended up producing a stunning result.
This long rectangular-shaped room has a huge window on either side opening up the front of the restaurant to great natural light and then the atmosphere gradually becomes more intimate with more subdued lighting as you make your way back to the wine cellar space with its modern look and 3,000 bottles of wine. 
The kitchen resides in the middle of the restaurant, opening up the chefs’ activities to all of the diners. This is something I can’t recall seeing before although somebody somewhere must have done it but probably not in Bangkok. It adds a bit of excitement to the room and breaks up the space into smaller sections.
The menu here appears to be a work in progress and that’s because it’s been changed frequently since the restaurant has opened. It covers a wide culinary landscape, encompassing both western and Thai cuisine and casual and fine dining styles. All food groups are represented here as there is everything from some high-end Australian beef to a vegetarian/cheese main dish and even a gluten-free angel hair pasta offering.
There’s plenty of seafood and you might want to try the 20 Minute Cured Salmon as an appetizer. It’s an interesting combination of smoked salmon and greens with a spicy Northeastern Thai dressing and a parmesan crust over the top that really balances the flavors.
Some other interesting main dishes are the lamb shank and the pan roasted Kurobuta black pork tenderloin. Both of these dishes were very nicely done with both of them coming out of the kitchen tender, flavorful and moist. There’s also a wiener schnitzel which is a thin, very tender, piece of veal lightly fried with a crisp crumbed coating. This traditional central European dish stretches the menu’s boundaries even further. 
Another thing they seem to be concerned about here is healthy dining as the beef is also hormone free and we already mentioned the vegetarian dish and the gluten-free pasta. This is a unique approach as well and something that should resonate with international diners as well as some locals. With background music that manages to stay in the background – as opposed to the blare that some restaurants insist on putting out –  and Crave’s interesting décor combined with the multifaceted menu and well-thought-out design elements this is a fun dining experience that should ultimately prove to be successful as well. 
Crave, Aloft Hotel,  02-207-7000