There are, as we’re sure you know, always plenty of new restauratns opening in Sukhumvit. That’s good news, generally, since a vibrant restaurant scene is always a plus for any area. However, the bad news is that few of all these restaurants are very good.
Fortunately, the owners of Dallas Steakhouse made one decision that has greatly affected the operation of the their brand new place and that decision was to hire a good chef  —  a chef with serious experience at top places in the U.S. and a chef who can write a good menu and then execute it. 
The chef here at Dallas Steakhouse is named Kip Oxman and he was the chef at Monsoon on Soi 8 for the last three years or so and the main force behind the great success that the owners have enjoyed there.
His new menu at Dallas Steakhouse is not what you would expect from an ordinary steakhouse but that’s probably because he’s not an ordinary chef. 
The dishes you see here are a small sampling of what to expect here starting with the appetizer dish of creamy corn and crispy bacon at the lower left. Not the most original name we’ve ever seen for  a dish but it’s certainly tasty with the best bacon we’ve had in Bangkok.
The chopped salad at the top right is simple but very good and the enchiladas in the center have a great red sauce that makes the whole dish sing. And the NY Strip Steak at the bottom is one of the steaks that you can get here that are expertly cooked.
There are many things that make up a restaurant but the food almost has to be delicious if you want to be successful. This place has a great shot at doing just that.
Dallas Steakhouse, Sukhumvit Road at Soi 33,  02-662-3838