There is nothing better than one of the great fried chicken recipes. Or maybe I should say there is nothing better than great fried chicken. It's so good, crunchy and juicy all at the same time--and so satisfying. Where do you get yours? I like Popeyes or KFC. But have you ever tried to make it? In reality it's not too hard to make, as long as you have a good recipe.

Frying chicken has been around a long time, there is evidence of it in China, Rome and Egypt. It's possible Scottish immigrants introduced it to the southern U.S., they had been deep frying in their own country. Until commercial establishments introduced fried chicken to the rest of the country it was a mainstay of southern cooking. It still has strong associations with the South.

Most great recipes are passed down through family generations, with some recipes being two hundred years old and older. I suppose most recipes out there are variations on these old recipes.

I'm not sure if I like homemade fried chicken better than from a restaurant. I know for a fact that it sure feels good to make a great tasting batch of this mouth watering fowl. And, some of the chicken places I go are kind of funky, so you never know what's going on in the back room... So it's probably safer to cook it at home.

Since I really like cooking I collect cookbooks and scour the internet for recipes, so I have a couple of great recipes. Unless you're a miracle workerFeature Articles, that is obviously the key to making great fried chicken--the recipe.