BBQ sauce is something that everyone in America is familiar with and it would be unfair to NOT mention that there certainly is a time and season for BBQ dinners. Yes, we are talking about the great season of summer. The thing is, many don't realize (especially those in the Midwest or northern states) that there are several ways to integrate easy barbecue sauce recipes during the cold season as well. With that in mind, you will find some of the best barbecue sauce recipe tips here to add a little flavor to your winter meals. When looking for the best all source barbecue sauce, it is important that you find one that will work with everything. That is what you will find below, an all-purpose BBQ sauce, that is easy to make, and when made properly will last when frozen or canned properly. This is a great sauce and can be used on anything from ribs to chicken.

All purpose barbecue Sauce


1 C diced yellow onion

¼ C minced garlic cloves

½ cup coconut oil

1 (8 oz) can tomato paste

2 C honey Dijon

1½ C apple vinegar

2 C molasses

1 C brown sugar

1 T red pepper flakes

4 T your favorite chili powder

½ C soy sauce

1 tablespoon of crushed red pepper flakes


Start with your onions and garlic in a skillet, make sure to not overcook or brown them, just simmer and add remaining ingredients and it let simmer for about 20-25 minutes. Then let it cool before storing or using.

As mentioned you can use this right away, or if you are familiar with canning you can do that as well.

What most people don't realize about barbecue sauce is that there is no real secret to the sauce, and maybe that is the secret. Many people think that there are special barbecue sauce recipes for ribs or that there is a special rub that you have to use at this or that temperature etc. Well there are some magic recipes out there that have been in families forever and chances are they will stay that way. You could make this recipe, this all-purpose barbecue recipe your new family secret. You have all of the main ingredients. Now if you want to add something unique to your meat as a rub or special dry seasoning, that is your added ingredient and that will offer unique flavor to each dish.

The key is to make this in bulk, and there are apps out there that can help you convert these servings and recipes over. You can make enough to last a year with 12 jars of sauce, assuming you were to use the barbecue sauce once a month. Or you can make larger portions for big family or company get-togethers. Another great way to utilize jars and homemade barbecue sauce is to offer the recipe above on an index card and a jar of the sauce. The sauce could also make a great house warming gift or an open house gift for realtors.

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