If you are grilling fanatic like me who not only loves to grill all year round but also loves to entertain then I'm sure you're going to be able to empathize with my situation.

For a start there's one thing that fills me with abject horror and that is turning up to a barbecue party and finding that I am going to be eating burgers that have come straight out of the freezer cabinets at the supermarket. For one thing they taste terrible, secondly the quality of the meat is appalling and thirdly, (and most infuriating) it takes no time at all to buy a pack of ground meat and make your own burgers of far superior quality.

When I entertain I always ensure that there are some interesting and different things to talk about whilst doing the cooking. Whether it be in the marinade, the sauce or indeed the meat itself.

Having said that there's still nothing better than a really juicy stake cooked to the absolute perfection of your guests and while everyone knows that steak is quite simple there still a significant challenge to be overcome in getting it right.

There's a couple of great talking point s about cooking the humble steak and the first of these is learning how to grill your steak to perfection by feeling it. If you want to know more on this subject please refer to my article about how to perfectly grill steaks.

The second talking points and where I want to go this time is about answering that question how do you identify which steak is perfect for which person and how do you ensure that all the steaks are served at the same time?

You see, there's been an easy answer to this first point for many years and that is to use barbecue branding irons. You can heat the iron in the coals and sear an image on your steak that easily identifies how well done your steak is and I have to say I have used this technique many times, not only does it work it's also great fun!

The one problem we have still not answered is how to ensure that the steaks are served at the same time. Maybe it's just me but I tend to use the branding iron during the cooking process when all the steaks are already on the grill. I have now found a way of identifying each steak individually using a grill charm so now I can actually label my steaks in advance and put them on the grill in the right order and so finish cooking simultaneously.

I also learned to kill two birds with one stone in that not only are grill charms a practical solution they are also a great talking point for the party guests. In fact they are fast becoming the most sought after party accessory so whenever I go to a barbecue party I always take a set of these unique grilling gifts with me.

No doubt grill charms will be the must have grilling accessory this holiday season. Whether they are here to stay or are simply today's fashion remains to be seen but given the innate