So I started thinking and when I think about food I like to walk through the supermarket. As I walked through the super market I pushed a buggy around and loaded it down with exciting new things to go on my grilled cheese sandwiches and I came up with new breads to make my grilled cheese sandwiches on.

Two of my favorite breads for my jazzed up grilled cheese sandwiches are rye bread and pumpernickle bread. Both are good for you and both make wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches with the right fillings. Some of the best things you can add to grilled cheese sandwiches are plain regular flavored goat cheese, port wine cheese, sun dried tomatoes, sweet onions, lean crisp bacon, and bean sprouts.

Those are just a few of the items I have used to make new exciting jazzed up grilled cheese sandwiches that has the average person saying wow and asking for more. No a grilled cheese sandwich doesn't have to be dull. You just have to do a little thinking and put together grilled cheese sandwiches that are going to have people saying wow!

I have even gone as far as to add thinly sliced grilled chicken breast to grilled cheese sandwiches and with munster cheese and crisp bacon you'll have people wondering why did they never think of this. Yes it really is that good. In fact its one of the best sandwiches you will ever eat.

You can walk around your local supermarket and come up with items to go on your own new exciting grilled cheese sandwiches and before long you'll have people saying wow I would never have thought of making a grilled cheese sandwich like that.

There are many new and exciting ways you can make grilled cheese sandwiches. At the same time you can buy a few sprigs of fresh basil and after you chop it up fine add it to your tomato soup and with a goat cheese grilled cheese sandwich you'll have something new you, your family, and guests will love.

Think about adding fresh minced garlic , or chopped fresh basil or rosemary to grilled cheese sandwiches. There are all kinds of ways you can jazz up your grilled cheese sandwiches.