The BBQ/Grilling season has arrived. Time to clean up that grill and fire it up if you're not a year round Grill Master. So, let's take a look at some conveniences, basic tools of the trade and some handy gadgets.

To start off, what would really make the BBQ/Grilling experience easier? A third hand! O.K. now it's not possible to grow a third hand, however having a table or some sort of work surface near the BBQ Grill is very convenient. Having that spot to place food, dishes, spices and utensils makes Grilling more enjoyable. Another convenient item, is some type of towel or cloth. Then, if you need something to wipe up spills, wipe off your hands, or grab something hot off the Grill you have it. Also, a cutting board is great to have by the Grill too. Not only will you be able to prepare food right next to the fire, but it can be used to set hot dishes on as well.

Next, let's look at some of the tools of the trade every Pit Master should have on hand. First there is the trusty spatula. A good metal spatula is ideal for flipping hamburgers and organizing food on a hot grate. A pair of tongs is also an almost mandatory tool for turning over steaks and grabbing hot dogs. Finally, a good clean sharp knife is another must have item. It is used for food preparation, to checking for doneness.

Finally, there are a variety of gadgets out in the marketplace that make grilling fun and interesting. A hamburger press is one such gadget. Place some raw hamburger in it, press and viola! A perfectly formed hamburger every time. Another gadget, is a Charcoal Chimney. The Charcoal Chimney is used to start the fire in the grill. To use simply place crumpled newsprint in the bottom, load the top with charcoal and then light the newsprint on fire. No messy liquid fuel needed. A beer can holder is also a great gadget. It is used for making Beer Can Chicken. It helps keep the Chicken and the beer can stable while the bird is cooking.

There you have it. Some of the basic conveniences that every Pit Master should have access to, over to the necessary tools of the trade and finally some fun grilling gadgets that make the backyard more enjoyable. Of course, there are many other items out there, but this is a good start for any home Grill Master.

Summer time is here and many people enjoy the chance to go outside and BBQ. There is something special about grilling outdoors. Perhaps, it is the fresh air, or the glow of a fire, or the gathering of friends and family. Out door BBQ/Grilling is a lifestyle. To explore more on BBQ/Grilling Watch the BBQ Idiot at

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