What barbecue is complete without burgers? Burgers are a staple feature of any backyard cookout. They're easy to make and cook, inexpensive and can be eaten with a near-infinite variety of accompaniments. Plus, they're tasty when you make them the right way!

The first step to grilling good burgers is to start with good burger patties. You should use freshly ground beef that contains about 20% fat for flavor. You can tell that the meat is good if it's a bright pink color and doesn't have any dark spots or an unpleasant smell. When forming the patty, don't over mix the chilled meat; this can make the patty tough, and when that happens, not even the best tips for grilling burgers can help you then!

One of the key grilling burgers tips I've learnt is to first grill my burger patties over a high heat. This helps to seal the surface of the patty completely and keep all those tasty juices inside where they belong. The juices from the meat tell you when the patty has been cooked through. When the meat is still raw, the juices are pink, and when it's fully cooked, the juices run clear.

Once you've got your burgers on the grill and sealed them, one important thing to remember when grilling burgers is to flip them just once with a spatula. Absolutely do not press down on the burgers while they're cooking! It won't make them cook any faster and doing so squeezes out all the juices you sealed in earlier. The result is a dry, tough burger patty that is no different from beef jerky in texture.

Cooking a good burger isn't rocket science, but it sure is easy to get it wrong too. All good things come to those who wait, so patience is the key to grilling a tasty burger. Your guests will thank you for it!

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