Venison is deer meat, which is very low in fat, yet is rich in protein. This delicate meat carries a very rich flavor, and can be enjoyed in many different ways, such as cooked in stews, as pot roast, or even grinded to become meatballs and eaten with spaghetti. But one of the best ways to enjoy venison is through grilling as this method of cooking retains as much of its flavor as possible. Read on to learn how to grill venison steaks.

Learning how to grill venison steaks is easy. The first step would be to have the meat prepared. Unlike most meat, venison is quite difficult to cook because the percentage of fat on it is close to none. As this is so, the meat can easily become dry during the cooking process. To overcome this, you will need to marinate the venison in oil-based marinade, so that the moisture can be maintained and is tenderized as you cook it. On the other hand, if you like your venison in its natural taste without marinade, you can brush some canola oil onto it. Canola oil will not add flavor to it and is light, so do apply a generous amount.

As venison tends to stick to the grill, you will need to make sure you prepare the grill properly. To make sure you do not face that problem, pre-heat the grill to high and brush it with oil. This way, the grilling process will be easy. Then, reduce the heat to medium before you place the venison on it to cook. You can then place the meat onto the top rack of the grill before closing the meat. This will ensure that the meat can be cooked slowly, making it more tender. However, you will need to check on it frequently so that it does not become tough and overcooked. To check on it, do not poke or pierce at the meat as the juice of the meat will come out and the meat will become dry. Instead, use a spatula to press on it. If it feels firm, your venison steak is cooked and is ready to be removed from the grill. Remove it immediately because it can otherwise become overcooked in a matter of seconds. Finally, place the venison steak on a platter and serve right away. Otherwise, you can cover it with foil so it does not cool off too quickly. You should never leave it on the grill to keep it warm otherwise it will end up becoming overcooked instead. If you cook it correctly, you will get a tasty culinary delight! 

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