We’re sticklers for good food and service when we go to restaurants and there’s are a couple of reasons for that. First, WE’RE PAYING THESE PEOPLE MONEY. Hey, if it was free then we wouldn’t set the bar so high but it’s not. We’re paying them hard-earned money so we demand value for that money. Doesn’t sound unreasonable, does it?
Second, providing good food and service is NOT THAT HARD. There are plenty of places to buy quality ingredients here now and there are also plenty of people that are competent cooks. And waiting on tables is a simple thing to do. What’s not simple, and what is rarely evident in most Sukhumvit restaurants, is the desire and will to do what’s right all the time.
That’s why when we eat at a place like Hanrahans on Soi 4 we have an appreciation for the food service that they present to their customers. Is it perfect? No. But then again, neither is anyone else’s. But they make a real effort to do things right and when they don’t, they have the willingness to make corrections. You can’t expect things to be perfect all the time but when a restaurant makes an effort to correct mistakes and to please the customer then they’re showing that they care about the customer and want them to come back. And when customers are taken care of this way then they do come back.
All of this preamble wasn’t meant to give you the idea that Hanrahans screws up all of the time because that’s certainly not the case. In fact on several visits over the last couple of months we’ve had some very good food and service that was at the very least quite competent. You have to bear in mind too, that this isn’t a fine dining establishment and doesn’t try to be. Their specialty is pub food and we think they execute this very well. We’d rather eat here than at some five-star hotels we’ve been to in the area, quite honestly, because the value for money is certainly better.
This place has greatly improved its food service in the last 12 months or so, so if you haven’t been lately you might want to give them a visit and find out what we’re talking about. The management here has really done a good job and we think you’ll be as satisfied with the value for money and quality as we have been and remember, we’re the sticklers.
Hanrahans, Soi 4, 02-255-0644