As far as we can tell the new Golden Pig restaurant on Soi 22 (just past the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel on the right side of the soi) is the only one of its kind we’ve ever seen in Sukhumvit.
Owner Ricky is from Hawaii and has tried to create as authentic a version of a Hawaiian barbecue place here as he could, albeit with a few a Thai touches. Basically it’s just an all-you-can-eat arrangement for the incredibly low price of 159 baht net. 
You pick from a variety of meats and vegetables — about 20 in total — and cook your selections at your table using portable cookers. The meats are all chicken, pork and seafood with items such as Japanese spicy pork or chicken, teriyaki-ginger pork or chicken, bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms, pesto chicken, squid, seabass and more.
There are also five Thai dishes every day along with a soup and dessert of the day. It’s a pretty well-rounded menu with something for everyone and a good way to have dinner without spending a lot. And since it’s the only Hawaiian barbecue around you’ll be dining at a place that’s definitely unique.
Golden Pig, Soi 22, 098-868-8131