Burgers are probably among the satisfying foods on earth that we celebrate the month of May as the National Burger month. It is enormous how we commemorate an appetizing variation of the meat sandwich that the world loves so much. You can also take this occasion to indulge in more burgers than you normally would.

Some burgers are cooked rare while others go well-done. There are burgers piled high with crisp toppings and served on warm buns, and there are also those made for plain sandwich filling. In addition to the classic ground beef burgers, there are other meats used to form patties appropriate for grilling.

Of all the meat used, buffalo burgers preserve the likable meaty flavor of ground beef, but are more expensive than their beef counterparts. However, Buffalo meat is measured the healthier meat in general because of the more natural farming methods, compared to the more commercial ground beef.

Health-wise, people have adapted the leaner chicken and turkey burgers which eventually become the most accepted alternatives to ground beef. With the continuing culinary novelty, seafood burgers began to be included in most restaurant menus and were even well-thought to be healthier than all ground beef. Another type of burger favored by strict health conscious people are vegetable-based burgers favored by vegetarians and people reducing red meat from their diets.

If you look around, trucks and carts began selling burgers of any type to bring closer to people, delicious juicy burgers that come in big floppy buns with a good amount of tomatoes and lettuce along with sweet potato fries and stuffed tacos. It is no wonder burgers are continued to be loved despite the notion that hamburgers contain fat and often sugar in ketchup or other sauce, leading to the preference of foods high in fat and sugar content.

A typical burger starts with high-fat ground beef dressed with mostly fatty toppings that seems to encourage higher fat content. This makes us think of hamburgers as being bad for us. But that's not always the case. Your own resourcefulness can help produce healthy burgers that you can imagine. One rule is on how you cook it. If it's all ground beef deep-fried or grilled with oil or butter, then it is not the real healthy thing. If it is steamed, grilled or fried with minimal fat, or it is a vegetable-based burger, then it can possibly be.

Burgers can be part of a hearty and healthy diet. If the juiciest burgers tend to be high in fat, you can make a delicious burger that is low in fat. Even if there seem to be no substitute for beef patty, starting with lean beef, poultry and even bison, can be the most perfect way for a lower-calorie alternative. Other than that, lean beef is loaded with vital nutrients, including high quality protein, vitamin B-12, selenium, phosphorus, niacin, iron, zinc and more.

Known truly a glorious month, the world of food holidays also celebrates May as the National Barbecue Month and National Chocolate Custard Month. Perfect to think about making healthier cooking along with Spring.

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