Weight Watchers is infamous for being one of the only proven, tried-and-true weight loss programs on the market. Many overweight men and women have used Weight Watchers through the years to lose a little or even a lot of weight, improve their health, and learn how to live a better life. Weight Watchers promotes healthy diet and exercise and provides a plethora of information on how to fit a healthy diet into a busy lifestyle.

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Weight Watchers has not only published many cookbooks but has also made available an entire line of frozen food entrees that are inexpensive, affordable, healthy, and fast. Many people are under the misconception that Weight Watchers is only for people concerned about their weight; however Weight Watchers can be for everybody. Anyone can enjoy Weight Watchers' recipes everyday. 


In December 2007, a special on BBC America's ‘Chef Gordon Ramsay's: The F Word' was featured about the notion of eating Christmas dinner every night. The special highlighted the points that if families made a home cooked meal every night for dinner the results would be a healthier diet (since everything is cooked from scratch), less money spent on eating out, and a tighter family bond from eating at the table together. Clearly, not everyone has the time or energy to cook an entire Christmas dinner every night, however with a little planning and resourcefulness it can be very easy to cook at home more often. Online and in print, Weight Watchers has published thousands of recipes that are not only healthy and tasty, but also cost-effective and fast. Most Weight Watchers meals can be prepared and cooked in less than 30 minutes and use common, inexpensive ingredients. 


Planning a home cooked meal every day can be a daunting task for most people, however it really doesn't need to be. Many Weight Watchers recipes incorporate several of the same ingredients such as Orange Balsamic Chicken, Crusty Chicken Pot Pie, and Italian Stuffed Chicken. Choosing recipes that are similar then saves you time and money at the grocery store since you do not need to remember to buy many extra ingredients that you wouldn't normally use every day. Weight Watchers recipes also teach you how to use healthier ingredients in every day life, such as olive oil instead of butter, grains instead of starches, and leaner proteins like chicken, turkey and fish instead of red meats. The best part of Weight Watchers recipes is that most of them are available for free online. Clearly, Weight Watchers has mastered the art of combining healthy living with simplicity.

You might be thinking anything classified as a diet recipe is going to be bland, unsatisfying, leaving you hungry and missing out on your favorite foods. Not a chance! Weight Watchers has recipes in every category imaginable, like Asian or Mexican , breads, soups, Crock Pot dinners, grilled, salads and of course dessert.