We ended up doing two reviews of buffets this month, more by accident than by design, but they’re both very different as Hong Teh’s offering is limited to dim sum, that Chinese version of what you might want to call tapas in the west.
Just like tapas there are many varieties of dim sum although they fall into some basic categories. There are steamed items which tend to come in either puffy dumpling forms or simple wraps and then there deep-fried items, our particular favorites. 
Here we partook of a number of both categories and were very pleased with the dishes we ordered. This buffet also includes ala carte selections of one soup and one rice or noodle dish. Our Szechuan soup could have been a little spicier but the flavor was good and the Hokkien noodles withe seafood was quite enjoyable. 
The most memorable dim sum items were the fried turnip cakes which were also a bit spicy, the chive dumplings, also  fried, and the steamed shrimp dumplings. Many other items were also very tasty suggesting that the chefs here are quite knowledgeable.
At 550 baht++ this is a good value as it is easy to sit here for a while in the relaxing surroundings and consume a fair amount of these delicious little morsels. Check out this place the next time you’re undecided about what you want to eat because you’ll experience a lot of different flavors in one place.
Hong Teh, Ambassador 
Hotel, Soi 11, 02-254-0444