Ahhh..... Social events are never complete without your favorite alcoholic beverages. As a matter of fact drinking has been a part of our culture and tradition for hundreds of years. For people to totally enjoy this "feast" or today the "cocktail party" better, alcoholic drink recipes have evolved in terms of preparation, variety, and increased in number of selections over time. RELATED ARTICLES
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A good cocktail party can be a lot of fun. Typically, the guests are bursting with energy, buzzing with conversation and slowly (hopefully) sipping their drinks. The scene is all so familiar. The night is young, the appetizers are delicious and so is the taste of the alcohol. Everyone is either laughing or deep in conversation, while the host or bartender is preparing another drink. The party crowd is bursting with laughter from some old joke. These are good times that will create fond memories. Whether it be a drinking card game between family and friends, the more common cocktail party for business or corporate gatherings or for just plain fun..... It matters little what it is called as long as fun is had by all.

Once you have the desired ingredients or ready-made appetizers to go along with the wine, champagne, booze and/or beer you might want to get the living room ready for some heavy foot traffic. If not the living room, then maybe the kitchen, deck or the pool house would be ideal. Wherever you choose be sure you are able to provide ample seating for all the guests, along with glassware. Since you will be serving a large amount of drinks you may want to hire a bartender for the evening. It isn't a good idea at a cocktail party to have everyone pour their own drinks. Especially since you would rather spend the night laughing and giggling or mingling and bouncing from one conversation to the next. You could easily find someone to work behind the bar for a fair amount or you may get lucky and have one of your friends opt-in for the job. Although this would be my preference it is not to say you would not enjoy serving drinks. The bartender is surely very popular at all occasions and gets plenty of attention. 

As Ted Lange from Love Boat says.... mixing drinks and coming up with new drink ideas can be an enjoyable hobby. Having a good bartender guide like Drink Recipes Alcoholic.com will help give you new ideas for mixed drink recipes and can be a very useful tool. Drink recipe website guides are indespensible when it comes to numerous how-to guides and a variety of drink recipes that you can try and perfect at your leisure. Your bartender can be the life of your next house party when they mix up cocktails for your guests and show off their bartending talents.

Some drink recipe websites may have drinks that you would have never thought of and others may contain variations on old favorites. The joy is in trying and learning new things and possibly experimenting on your own cocktails. This can give you endless possibilities and allow for you to show off your bartending skills to your friends and family.

For those who like to dabble in bartending as a hobby, after adding a few more recipes to their drink list, they just might decide that this could be a new career in the making. If so, then you can take your skills to a whole new level and it might just be the beginning of a whole new future. 

And don't forget to support your local bartender. Even ugly people need to get laid!!!