If you have tasted Egyptian cuisine then you will agree that it has a different taste and is one of the most popular cuisines amongst all other cuisines. Egyptian food is liked by people all over the world and the foodies always partake in tasting the delicious dishes cooked with elaborate preparations. The people of Egypt are more intent on making healthy food and recipes. They are health conscious and thus any recipe you look online will have certain healthy ingredients.

There are a lot of recipes for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians in the Egyptian menu. For vegetarians there are recipes that do not use meat and for non vegetarians different kinds of meat are used in the Egyptian cuisine, such as beef, chicken, and lamb. The predominant ingredients in the Egyptian cooking are lots of vegetables which are used in every meal. Most common menu of an Egyptian cuisine in a household consists of rice, an Egyptian made vegetables dish such as Molokhia, a kind of meat; chicken, beef, lamb, or pigeons, and a salad plate. Most famous dishes from Egypt are Mahshi, Koshari and falafel.

Moroccan cuisine is however more diverse than that of Egypt. It is greatly influenced by the several civilizations and cultures that existed together in Morocco. As a reflection of several cultures Moroccan cuisine is a blend of Berber, the first people that lived in Morocco, Arab, Mediterranean, and African influences. It is consider as the culinary pioneer of North Africa and rated it among the best cuisine in the world. You will not come across many places where food is more vigilantly and creatively prepared, served with delight and enjoyed than in Morocco.

Burundi situated in Central Africa is surrounded by mountains, savannas and agricultural fields, and rivers and waters. Being a agricultural country with 80 % of the country's surface engaged in agriculture it produces some of the best coffee, tea, corn, beans and manioc. Among all the African cuisines Burundian cuisine is ideal representative of the culture.

The main food of the people here consists of beans, which are the staple of Burundi cooking, exotic fruits such as plantains, sweet potatoes, cassava, peas, maize and cereals, like corn and wheat. People here do not consume much meat similar to Malawian cuisine as animal breeding is a secondary occupation. However you will find few dishes that include goat and sheep meat. Visit us.