There are many methods to cook a turkey. But some are given below.
* Cooking via traditional method (old way)
* Cooking via gravy recipe
* Roasting the turkey breast
* Roasting in oven
* Oven-bag roasts
* Oven braising
Hey! I'll gradually explain these methods. The easiest and comfortable way to cook a turkey breast is roasting. This mouth watering recipe punches the people to ask about "how to cook a turkey breast". The gradients involve cooking a turkey breast is: 
1. what turkey is to buy? 
There is no effect upon its taste either it is fresh or freeze. You can buy a hen or a tom for cooking. You should be cure in order to buy a turkey that it should not be pre-seasoned or basted. 
2. Precautions for frozen turkey: 
In case of buying frozen turkey following precautions following precautions should be kept in mind.
* Don't even use boiled water to defrost turkey.
* Use simple water to unfrozen it.
* Change the water after every 30 minutes because 30 minutes are necessary for a pound of turkey.
* Before cooking make sure that turkey is completely thawed.

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3. How to clean the turkey?
To make it fully cleaned remove its neck and wash its inner and outer body with fresh water. After it dry the turkey with towel papers.
4. How to cook a Turkey Breast
Use two oven-safe meat thermometers to check cooking process, kept the one thermometer in the thickest part of the breast and the other in the thickest part of the thigh keeping in mind that it doesn't touch the bone. When the internal temperature reaches at 165° F the turkey is safe to eat. Before eating check the fleshy part of meat is it soft? Legs and thigh moves up and down easily then it is done. If meat is pink after registering the thermometer at 165° F it doesn't mean that meat is not able to eat. It means that

* It is commercially smoked.
* Turkey is young.
Methods of cooking turkey: 
1. Stuffing: 
Stuffing is a lengthy process. Probably it is much time consuming method and it produce uneven heating.
2. Brining: 
Brining is a safe and easy way to cook a turkey. It locks the water with it make it so yummy and spicy. It gels the body of bird and cook it in a protective way.
Brining of turkey: To brine poultry of 15 to 18lb following method will help you.
Required ingredients: 
1. Water as needed
2. Salt required
3. Two cups brown sugar
4. Two cloves garlic
5. Five bay leaves
6. Two glass icy cooled water
7. Tow tsp. black paper
Make the paste of ingredients in a container, add the turkey remembers that bird fully submerge them. Lid it and then set it in the refrigerator for six to eight hours.
After it fill the cavity of bird with following ingredients.
* Carrot cut into 1 piece
* Onion with quarter cut
* Three tsp dried thyme
* Stalk of celery cut into 1 piece
Pre-heat the oven to 325° F set the bird in it. Baste the poultry with unsalted butter after it place the breast in to v-rack otherwise it will get done first. Bake it for two hours during this time interval baste again the back and legs of the bird cook it until thermometer reaches 165° F. if it is done cool the bird for at least 20 minutes.