What if you are preparing for a lovely dinner with friends? What if suddenly they want to try grilling beside the pool while having fun at your luau party? Getting tired of buttered shrimps? Why not have grilled shrimps and finally learn how to barbecue shrimps the right way.

Foods like deviled eggs and open sandwiches are some of the nicest treats ever. While many prefer meat or cold cuts as appetizer, it is always best to come up with something new and healthy. Invite friends over and try grilling your favorite seafood such as fish and shrimps. Defy old limits and try setting a new standard when it comes to cooking and preparing shrimps.

So, what are the best ways on how to grill shrimps perfectly? Here are a couple of them.

1. Prepare your ingredients including butter, onions and garlic. Mix everything in a bowl. Meanwhile, it is advisable to wash and trim your shrimps. Devein the shrimps and get rid of its head. Make sure to remove the shell from its meat.

2. Mix a couple of chosen seasonings and spices. A few drops of lemon or lime can also be added as part of your marinade. Add in some salt and pepper then add the previous mixture of melted butter, onions and garlic. Marinate your shrimps for at least 30 minutes.

3. Another perfect step on how to grill shrimps has something to do with preparation and plating. Before grilling, skewer the shrimps on either metal skewers or barbecue sticks.

4. Prepare the grill. Make sure that the coals are hot and try spraying some oil into the grate. Place the shrimps into the grill and cook them for about 6 to 7 minutes each side.

5. Using the oven is also another way on how to barbecue shrimps. All you have to do is preheat the oven at relatively 400 degrees. Place the shrimps in a pan or dish and season it with salt and pepper. You may also choose to top everything with butter, cover the baking pan with foil and cook the shrimps for about 30 minutes.

In learning the ways on how to barbecue shrimps, it always pays to keep everything simple and basic. Create a simple marinade using pepper, salt and garlic. Add some slices of butter and a couple of lemon pieces if you desire to cook the shrimps using the oven. As usual, marinating your meat or seafood is highly preferred. So, learn how to grill shrimps the easy way and add this up as part of your all-time favorites.

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