Breast of turkey meat is tasty, low calorie and low fat. 3 ounces skinless serving contains more than half the daily intake of protein for only 135 calories. You can easily cook turkey breast in the oven, but it has some disadvantages. Turn meat training method that uses moist heat on the stove. It will keep your juicy turkey breast and fill it with flavorings.How to cook turkey breast.

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To prepare the turkey on the stove, put out a pot, pan or large skillet, preferably of thick stainless steel. These pots allow sufficient space for the breast to avoid touching the sides. Hardening of the pan should be little deeper than the pots, but they have a domed lid that will give space for large items such as to roast. Dutch ovens can be made of iron or steel. They are deeper than the pot and served as a mini-oven for centuries. Speckleware pots, which are commonly used in the oven for another option for baking turkey breasts.
Turkey breast Training: 
Leave the skin on the turkey breast and brown it in olive oil in a frying pan or Dutch oven. Turn it frequently, until all the skin is golden brown. It is not necessary to brown the underside. After completion of browning the turkey, turn the breast so that the skin of the face up.
Quenching Turkey: 
After browning the turkey breast, add enough water to cover the cavity of the turkey breast. The water should reach only the halfway part of its chest. You can substitute white wine or chicken broth for a part of the water and put spices such as sage, thyme, salt, pepper and garlic in water to enhance the natural flavor of turkey.
Technique and Tips: 
To cook the turkey breast, place the pan on the stove and bring it to boil. Reduce heat to a boil, cover pan with foil and crimp edges closed. If you use a fire pan or Dutch oven, the foil will not be necessary if the breast is very big.
Check the water level in the pan and add more if necessary. You do not have to worry about dry turkey breast, but it can burn, if all the water evaporates. This should not be a problem with a tight lid. When tender turkey breast and the internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, finished cooking score of 15 or 20 minutes for funt. Kozha not become clear, using this method, so that you can reject it or combine it with the juice to the sauce.