Recipe with step by step instructions for ground beef, mince meat stew.

Ready in only thirty minutes this quick and easy recipe using ground beef can be used in a variety of meals.

Create a unique budget friendly ground beef, mince steak meal for your family.

Step by step guide

Preparation time: less than 5 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins
Serves: 6 to 8 depending on size of portions required

1 ½ 1bs mince steak
2 large onions
1 medium size carrot
2 large tomatoes
1 bowl frozen peas
1 Tablespoon tomato puree
Small amount gravy
Optional extra ingredients to suit the individual taste.

These vegetables should also be chopped up into small pieces.

2 small mushrooms
½ a small pepper
4 green beans

Ingredients for mince ground beef meal
Source: L.M.Reid

Chopped tomatoes and onions
Source: L.M.Reid

Step 1

Cut up the onions into fairly small pieces.

Cut up the tomatoes into fairly small pieces.

Grate the carrot.

Step 2

Add the cooking oil and onions to the pot. Cook for approx one minute until the onions are brown.

Fry the onions
Source: L.M.Reid
Step 3

Add the grated carrot and the tomatoes.

Keep back a quarter of the tomatoes.

These will be added at the very end of cooking in order to keep their shape.

Add any extra vegetables that you have decided to include.

Mix in the tomatoes, grated carrots to the onions
Source: L.M.Reid

Source: L.M.Reid
Step 4

Put the pot back on the cooker and mix in these vegetables for two minutes.

Add the tomato puree and mix for another minute.

Add the mince meat to the vegetables in the pot
Source: L.M.Reid
Step 5

Add the mince to the pot and mix well as it cooks.

A wooden spoon is best to use for its strength. Cook for twenty minutes.

Step 6

Add the frozen peas and the remainder of the chopped tomatoes.
Cook for a further 5 minutes.

Add the frozen peas to the ground beef and vegetable
Source: L.M.Reid
Step 7

Make up the gravy and stir this into the pot slowly and continuously until mixed in evenly.

The amount of gravy used will depend on your preference for how you like the finished dish.

Add the gravy to the cooked mince ground beef stew
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Ground steak with vegetables
Source: L.M.Reid
Completed Dish of mince meat and vegetables recipe

.Total preparation and cooking time for meat and vegetables recipe is 30 mins approximately.

This main meat dish can now be used to make other variants of main meals.

Cooked mince ground beef and vegetables basic recipe

Variants on using the mince ground beef recipe in different dishes.

Accompanied by pasta.
Accompanied by spaghetti.
As the main ingredient of one large or a few smaller cottage pies.

Mince ground beef topped with mashed potatoes
Source: L.M.Reid
Cooked minced/ground beef and vegetables basic recipe

.As cooked and accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables.

As the main ingredient of one large or a few smaller puff or shortcrust pastry pies.

Mince ground beef with homemade chips fries and a bread roll
Source: L.M.Reid

Ground beef pie with carrotts, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes and cabbage
Source: L.M.Reid

Storing the basic recipe for future use


This mince and vegetable recipe is very easy to freeze and losses none of its taste when reheated.

It can be frozen in individual small portions for one or in larger family portions.

Five a Day Program

This recipe is a good way to get your required amount of vegetables a day that is recommended for a healthier diet.

Children and vegetables

Children can be sometimes stubborn when it comes to getting them to eat vegetables.

The vegetables in this recipe are turned invisible when cooked with the exception of the peas.

By grating the carrots it gives a much better flavour but also has the advantage of hiding the vegetable within the meat. .

Vegetables are low in fat and calories.

They contain high amounts of various vitamins and minerals.

They are also full of antioxidants, fibre and other nutrients.

By eating at least five different vegetables and fruit a day many health problems can be alleviated or prevented.