The very basic, the first step you need to do before cook sirloin steak is actually the preparation part.

Selecting the best available beef cuts from local butcher or supermarket nearby should be well executed, otherwise no matter how good you cook the meat; the result will not be satisfactory.

Why choosing sirloin steak? How to cook sirloin steak?

Normally, a sirloin has better, well balance amount of marbling throughout the meat in comparison to other beef cuts type.

So when you cook one, it will be relatively easier and meat will not get to dry out quickly because the fat will actually give more juice, and thus less oil needed for cooking.

The second thing you would want to know is to ask the butcher the age of the beef, because it will determine the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

Usually, the beef that has been hung for at least 21 to 35 days most is the best for you to pick. Therefore, you will have the best flavor and tenderness you could ever taste.

If you pick the best available ingredients, the moment you cook it, even with the simplest cooking method, the outcome will be far better.

Therefore, ask for the beef that has been hung within that period.

Finally, you may need to pay more attention to the color of the meat, what you are looking for is a deep red color. At last, make sure that your sirloin cut has a thick layer of creamy like white fat on the top.

How to cook sirloin steak at your home

Before you start the sirloin steak cooking, you might want to first sprinkle the steak with a simple seasoning of merely salt and pepper.

Why would you prefer simple seasoning over more sophisticated type of seasoning that you actually can do over the meat?

Simply because you already have chosen the best cut of the meat with fine marbling, in the best condition where it has a nice thick creamy layer of fat on the top of the meat cut.

Remember the first step? Yes the simple preparation, choosing the best cuts, and you only need simple seasoning, because you should taste the original flavor of the sirloin in its best condition without have to taste any unnecessary excessive seasoning.

Add salt and preferably ground black pepper on each side of the steak, not too many, just lightly, you don’t need anything else, and you are ready to fry the meat.

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Let’s cook sirloin steak, and turn on the fan, it is going to get smoky soon!

Before start cooking make sure the meat is at room temperature, if the beef is cold, it will get toughen when it cooked, and chewy when you bite it.

Once the meat ready, grab a frying pan; put it onto the stove and turn on over medium to high heat, wait until the pan get smoking and really hot.

How to tell when the frying pan is ready to cook the meat?

See if already smoky or try to place your hand over the hot pan, not too close please. The moment your hand could not stand the heat that is when you know it is the time to start cooking the meat.

Anyway, I would prefer to look for the smoky part, I hope you do too. Now the next step is slightly pour oil with a high smoke point property such as groundnut oil onto the sirloin nice and evenly, and place the meat onto the hot pan.

If you have more than one piece of steak cuts, make sure to give enough space in between, otherwise the heat will be going down, and steak will be rather stewed instead of fried.

I would say a maximum two cuts of steaks on the frying pan for each frying session. Wait for the sear marking to appear before turning the steak over.

For a sirloin steak that has around two centimeters thickness, you would need at least two minutes per side to achieve medium rare. Two minutes and fifteen seconds to make medium, and about three minutes on each side to get medium to well done.

Just a moment before you lift the meat off the pan, you may add a slice of butter into the pan and cover the cooked meat with the melting butter to add more flavors to the steak.

However, butter is not necessary, steak will taste just great without it anyway, it is just a matter of choice and it is up to you to add butter or not.

Now lift the meat off the frying pan with tongs, don’t use fork, because stabbing fork into the meat will let all the good juice inside to come out.

We want to hold the juice inside the meat because it is where the good flavors are coming from.

Leave the cooked steak to rest for about 3 to 5 minutes and let the juice that come out to the meat surface to get more relax, getting back into the meat nicely.

How do you like your steak cooked?

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 Medium Well
 Well Done

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The sirloin steak marinades, if you like to have it then go for it

I would not recommend getting your sirloin steak marinated because it already has the best taste when ready and cooked properly.

However, sirloin steak marinade will add new dimension, and you don’t get bored in cooking the same steak over and over again.

I think a combination of vinegar, or lime juice to add acidity to your marinade would be just fine. For more flavoring add salt, fresh grounded garlic, honey, molasses or soy sauce.

You may combine all ingredients, or just mix two or three basic elements of acids and basic flavors like salt or soy sauce, molasses or honey, and herbs are all right.

Pour the marinade mixture into plastic bag together with your sirloin, and place inside the refrigerator overnight before cooking it the day after.

Storing the marinated meat overnight will make sure that the steak will absorb the marinade and you will get stronger taste, the best combination of taste between them.

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How much each sirloin steak calories is produced

When you frying sirloin steak, you could expect to eat around 210 calories for a 4 oz of steak. About 400 calories for a 6 oz of sirloin steak.

Let say 8 oz of sirloin will give you around 420 of calories (210 calories of 4 oz steak multiply by two to get the estimate number of calorie in an 8 oz of steak).

This is only a rough estimation, on top of all why you need to worry about calorie anyway?

It is a sirloin steak and should have relatively high amount of calories.

You are not going to eat steak every day don’t you?

So just enjoy your life, enjoy your steak, and working out more, you will be fine.