The centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal would be the roasted turkey & it has been the king of your dinner table ever since Thanksgiving traditions began in the US. There really are lots of great recipes out there on how to roast turkey right but take note that the simpler the roast turkey recipe is, the better. It's best to just have the basic ingredients so that your turkey really will still taste like that of turkey & not like the other ingredients that you're using.

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The dressing still is considered the best accompaniment to your turkey then it is followed a close 2nd by some mashed potatoes, deviled eggs & the potato salad. With those dishes to accompany your turkey for sure you'll have a really delicious dinner which is good but turkey should still be left just the way it is, taste should still be that of turkey.

Most people usually wake up very early during Thanksgiving and they cook their turkey within a couple of hours & then wonder why their turkey turned out a bit tough. Actually turkey's best cooked overnight so that you'll achieve that roasted turkey that is full of flavor & so lusciously tender to the bite.

Cooking turkey overnight on your gas-fueled oven at low settings is really best but it is also a bit risky. It makes me stay awake overnight when roasting turkey inside the gas oven. I set its temp. at around 200 deg. F then at about 7AM, I just turn up temp. to around 350 deg. F and let the cooking finish within 2 hrs. You could try & cook your turkey on the day itself when you'll serve them up using an electrically operated oven but you'll be sacrificing its flavor & it won't be tender at all.

Again, cooking your turkey overnight still is one of the best things to do. Although cooking electrically is less risky when doing overnight cooking, it really is more expensive. Since you'll be doing the cooking for the whole day, then temperatures will rise a bit in your kitchen. Using your electric roaster is actually one great way of cooking your turkey. It is not as expensive as using those gas ranges and it's safer compared to those gas ovens.

Also it creates lesser heat compared to the gas & electrically operated oven. Just place your turkey inside your roaster at around 11PM & cover turkey using lots of margarine. Season with pepper and salt. Temperature should then be set to around 200 deg. F. Then you could now go back to sleep without worrying about anything. If sometimes during the middle of the night you wake up, then baste your turkey prior to going right back to sleep.

Next morning when you're waking up at 7AM, turn your temp. to around 350 deg. F. then baste turkey for about 2-3 times during the last hours of cooking. Your bird will cook after 3 hrs, and for sure the bird will really be tender and "fall of the bones" tender. So use your roaster because it's the ideal way of cooking your turkey & save you much money and will give you that succulent and juicy Turkey for your centerpiece.