Cooking a perfect Christmas turkey that your family will enjoy is a precise and time consuming task, but get it right and you will be the envy of everyone.

Christmas Turkey Recipe
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Christmas Turkey Recipes - How To Cook A Turkey
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I enjoy cooking and I know that my family enjoy eating my food, and by following my how to cook the perfect turkey technique you will enjoy it too.

Before you do anything else in creating your perfect turkey you must ensure that you do this first:

> Buy the best turkey that you can afford

Christmas is the one time that you enjoy to overspend so don't scrimp when it comes to getting your bird. If you buy your turkey from the butchers you will need to get you order in as early as possible. But make sure you can fir it in your fridge. If you decide to freeze your turkey then make sure that it is thoroughly defrosted first.

====> Cooking Turkey Made Easy <====

Preparing - How To Cook The Perfect Turkey

How To Cook The Perfect Turkey:

If you plan on cooking your turkey on Christmas Day, then you will need to make sure that you take it out on Christmas Day to ensure that the turkey is at room temperature as this will make the cooking times vary.

Preparing Your Bird:

Put your turkey onto the roasting tin and cover all over with oil or butter, which ever you decide and season with salt/pepper and cover the turkey with foil, not too tight, loosely like a tent. This will allow the turkey to brown without letting it dry out. Ensure that your oven is at the required full temperature before you put the turkey in.


Allow your turkey to cook for half of the time, then you can baste. You will need to do this every 20 minutes and increase for the last half hour of the cooking time.


When the turkey is cooked, its is very important that you leave it rest, 30 minutes or longer.

I get my turkey ideas from my Cooking Turkey Made Easy book, its has never let me down, every Christmas I can expand on what I have already learnt from it.

To learn more I recommend you have a look to, "to enjoy your turkey this year".