Salmon is primarily a great choice as grilling item. Its high fat content can withstand high temperatures, which is very much inherent in the grilling process. As compared to other types of seafood, learning how to grill salmon flawlessly will bring a number of advantages. Not only are you ensured of good, quality fish meat, but you are on your way to grilling the perfect salmon steak. So, what are the relative steps? Read on and learn.

1. Select salmon fillets that are about one-inch thick. It is advisable to remove its skin for seasoning and marinating processes, but for those who want to leave its skin intact, you can still do so provided that you season each salmon fillet well.

2. Make use of varied types of seasonings, spices and herbs. If you want to know how to grill salmon perfectly, seasoning and adding flavor to your fish cuts are a matter of concern.

You may try using dill, aside from the reliable duo of salt and pepper. There are also other types of herbs that are appropriate to use as fish seasonings, so you might want to try them as well.

Marinating your salmon fillets is preferable, provided that you do not let your fish fillets sit for more than 15 minutes. Remember that any excesses in said time can cause mushy salmon fillets.

3. Preheat your grill and maintain a medium-high setting. Others prefer to do their grilling using a gas grill, but if you are just starting how to grill salmon perfectly, then other alternatives are also deemed proper.

4. Grease the rack using some oil. You may also choose to use a grilling basket or wrap the grill rack with aluminum foil. Most cooks prefer to do the last method, where they wrap everything using heavy-duty foil. However, such is not necessary for larger fish cuts such as tuna or salmon.

5. Cook the fish for about 8 to 10 minutes. Be reminded that a perfectly grilled salmon is moist and flaky once pierced. Avoid turning your fish several times, as this will cause the flesh to easily break. It is also advised not to grill salmon fillets using direct heat.

If you are keen into learning how to grill salmon the easy way, just be mindful of the abovementioned tips. Try to recreate special mixes as seasonings. As for other favorite salmon recipes, you may try creating homemade sauces using white wine, herbs and cheese. You may also opt to have grilled salmon fillets with grilled vegetables for an almost complete meal.

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