The ideal grilled steak is one that is delectable but done to the desire of the intended eater. The real secret to a delectable steak is to get it barbecue quickly and to get it off the grill the second it's done. allowing a steak sit on a grill too long whether it's cooked through or not will dry out the meat. The manner in which you prepare your steaks for the grill will make a distinction in their quality when they come off the grill.

When preparing steak avoid freezing the cuts where you can. This means trying to procure your steaks fresh on the day you want to grill them. If this is not possible try to keep their stay in the freezer as short as you can. If the steak cuts were frozen melt prior to cooking by moving the meat from freezer to refrigerator or defrosting in cold water, change water every 30 minutes. If you are not ready to grill when the steaks are defrosted then keep in the refrigerator until 30 minutes to an hour ahead of grilling time. Do not use a microwave to defrost premium steaks.

Steaks have to be at room temperature when they go on the grill: get steaks out of the refrigerator approximately one hour before grilling and cover in plastic wrap to ensure they are at room temperature when they go on the grill. The thinner the meat the less time required.

Prepare the grill; the best temperature is one that will cook the steak to the desired doneness in the lowest time devoid of burning the surface. When using a gas grill preheat on high for about 20 minutes. Charcoal grills shall need to have enough coals to cover an area a few inches greater on all sides than the steaks going on the grill. Deter from using lighter fluid as it may alter the flavors. Once the coals are covered in a gray ash they are prepared.